The Speaker

Pan Daijing / Valerio Tricoli / Werner Dafeldecker

The Speaker is an innovative sound-theatre piece for an actress (Pan Daijing), customized speakers and live electronics (by Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli). Daijing recites a script in Chinese and English based on the idea of solipsism as a metaphor for the psychological spiral of the character she plays on stage. Not having ways to know or prove if others or anything outside her own experience exists, the woman's mind embraces uncertainty, slowly disconnecting her from real life. Her language trembles, is unstable and impaired while her life dissembles. The speakers are moved over the space by Daijing to project sound towards specific positions, and generate an ever-changing sound environment. The sounds are manipulated in real time by Dafeldecker and Tricoli and include human voices, spoken words, body sounds, electronics and field recordings.